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National and international scientific conferences

  1. Piccolroaz, A., Mishuris, G. and Movchan, A.B. (2010), Perturbation problems for interfacial cracks, The IV International Conference on Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation, Cape Town, South Africa, September 6-8, 2010. - SEMC2010-W1B-4-roaz.pdf.
  2. A. Piccolroaz, G. Mishuris, A. Movchan, N. Movchan, Asymptotic solutions for cracks in heterogeneous media, WIMCS Gregynog Mathematics Colloquium 2011, Gregynog, Wales, UK, May 23-25, 2011. - gregynog_2011.pdf.
  3. A. Piccolroaz, G. Mishuris, A. Movchan, N. Movchan, Mode III crack advancing in a bimaterial plane with finite array of defects, International Workshop on Computational Mechanics of Materials 2011, University of Limerick, Ireland, August 21-24, 2011. - IWCMM2011.pdf.
  4. A. Piccolroaz, G. Mishuris, Integral identities for a semi-infinite interfacial crack in 2D and 3D elasticity, IUTAM 2012 Symposium - Fracture Phenomena in Nature and Technology, University of Brescia, Italy, July 1-5, 2012.

Invited talks

  1. Fracture in heterogeneous and microstructured materials. Homogenization and micromechanics to understand the mechanical properties of bone, School of Mathematics, Alan Turing Building, University of Manchester, 26-27 March 2012.
  2. Steady-state crack propagation in couple stress elastic materials. Elasticity Day, One-Day Workshop on Mathematical Modelling in Solid Mechanics, Liverpool University, 5 May 2012.
  3. Fracture and waves propagation in a bimaterial lattice structure. The Second Wiener-Hopf Workshop, Aberystwyth University, 25-26 June 2012.