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Effective Factorisation techniques for matrix-functions: Developing theory, numerical methods and impactful applications
Research AreaMSCA-RISE-2020 - Research and Innovation Staff Exchange
Project ReferenceEffectFact, Grant agreement ID: 101008140
CoordinatorProfessor Gennady S. Mishuris
Project Funding1 821 600 euro
Contract TypeMSCA-RISE: academic and non-academic sectors (SMEs) from EU/AC & outside Europe (third countries)
Start Date2021-09-01
Duration54 months
Project Description

Funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions programme, the EffectFact project aims to develop advanced factorisation and Wiener-Hopf methods as well as methods for Riemann-Hilbert problems to solve time-dependent boundary value problems in complex discrete and continuous domains. The newly developed techniques could find use in biomechanics (DNA replication), medicine (surgical resection), metamaterials, artificial intelligence, and environmental and civil engineering. Bringing together partners from across the world, the project will strengthen the access of EU academic institutions and SMEs to international research, lead to tangible and impactful results, while building a strong base of robust, independent researchers who could expand the scope of the project in the future.