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Past conferences

Dissipative Rheology of Foams, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland (9-12.01.2012)

Isoperimetric problems, space-filling, and soap bubble geometry, Edinburgh, UK (19-23.03.2012)

Minisymposium: Numerical Modelling of Hydraulic Fractures, APM-2012, St. Petersburg, Russia (3.07.2012)

The British Society of Rheology Midwinter Meeting 2012: Extensional Flows, Aberyswyth University (17-18.12.2012)

Infoamal workshop on Foam Coarsening, Paris, France (01.2013)

APM-2013, Accompanying International Workshop: Recent advances in numerical simulation of hydraulic fracture, Aberyswyth University (07.2013)

RaSiM8, 8th International Symposium on Rockbursts and Seismicity in Mines, St. Petersburg, Russia (1-7.09.2013)

D2FAM2013 International Symposium on Dynamic Deformation and Fracture of Advanced Materials, Loughborough, UK (9-11.09.2013)

Symposium in honour of Professor Vladimir Maz’ya, on the occasion of his 75th Birthday, "Analysis of Partial Differential Equations", University of Liverpool, UK (16-17.12.2013)

LMS WIMCS Analysis Day, University of Aberystwyth, UK (7.05.2014). See photos here.

Advances in Micromechanics of Materials, Rzeszów, Poland (8-11.07.2014)

Recent Advances in Numerical Simulation of Hydraulic Fracture, Rzeszów, Poland (14-16.07.2014)

LMS Bath-WIMCS Analysis Day, Aberystwyth, UK (27 May 2015)

International Conferences: "8th International Symposium on Mechanics of Materials and Structures" and “Fracture and Fragmentation Technologies in Science and Engineering”, Augustów, Poland (31 May - 3 June 2015)

First Summer School on Micromechanics, Bezmiechowa, Poland (3 - 13 June 2015) [poster]

9th European Solid Mechanics Conference (ESMC), Madrid, Spain (6 - 10 July 2015)